9 Westchester Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving

 I know two types of families when it comes to eating at a restaurant on Thanksgiving: those who swear by it and those who are confounded by it. I was born into one type and married into another, so I can relate with both. For those of you who want the deliciousness of a Thanksgiving dinner served with a side of ultra-convenience, we’ve gathered a list of Westchester restaurants serving Thanksgiving dinner for families. 

Many of these restaurants require reservations, so don’t delay! If you’re looking for a Turkey Day compromise, check out our list of places with take-out Thanksgiving menus

Restaurants Serving Thanksgiving Dinner around Hartford, CT

The thought of having to prepare a huge Thanksgiving meal for my family gives me nightmares worse than forgetting to turn in my senior thesis. I prefer to leave it to the professionals and enjoy family, friends, and football rather than shopping, cooking, and cleaning up. For a traditional feast with all the trimmings minus the stress, check out our list of restaurants open on Thanksgiving in the Hartford area. Reservations are strongly recommended for all of the restaurants. Check out our posts about Thanksgiving Dinner Out in Fairfield County and Restaurants open on Thanksgiving Day in Litchfield County too. 

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Thanksgiving Dinner Out, Fairfield County Restaurants

If you find yourself sans extended family this Thanksgiving in Fairfield County, maybe you're miserable, maybe you're counting your blessings.  Either way, you've no doubt realized that cooking a feast for a family of four seems somewhat ludicrous.  Perhaps going to a restaurant seems even more ludicrous, but hear us out...  Some of the best chefs in the state are keeping their doors open, and are probably already prepping for the pumpkin soup, butternut squash ravioli, pecan nut tarts, and egg nog creme brulees they have planned -- not to mention a perfect slice of turkey and NO MESS to clean up. We've also listed restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Hartford County  and Litchfield County.

Long Island Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving is a feast usually prepared and served in our homes. But sometimes it is really lovely to take a break from the hot kitchen and let someone else do the cooking, cleaning and moving furniture around. Drop the day-long prep for Thanksgiving and head out to one to these Long Island restaurants that are serving up a turkey dinner. This way, you can maybe enjoy a Thanksgiving runvolunteer for those in need or (gasp!) relax a little.

Just be sure to call ahead for reservations and have a happy Thanksgiving! And for more tips and activities this season, check out our Long Island Holiday Guide.

Thanksgiving Cheats: Where Westchester Families Can Score Some (or All!) of Thanksgiving Dinner

Turkey Day is coming—and we all know what that means! More appetizers, main courses, side dishes and desserts served up in one meal than most people are normally able to cook in a week.

No knife skills skills? No time? No kitchen? No problem! Westchester is full of shops and restaurants ready, willing and waiting to put that turkey dinner (or vegetarian alternative!) together for you. Pick up or delivery, precooked or just prepared, this list has something for every level of commitment.

And if you're already thinking about how to stay active this time of year, check out our post on turkey trots and fun runs happening throughout Westchester. And don't forget our November GoList for more fun events happening all month long! 

15 Family Thanksgiving Dinner Options at NYC Restaurants

What busy New York City parent doesn't secretly hope someone else will cook Thanksgiving dinner for the family this year? Luckily, there are plenty of great NYC restaurants serving up kid-friendly Thanksgiving dining options. Whether your preference is for a traditional meal, southern style, vegetarian or even a modern, updated dinner, we've rounded up a number of options in Manhattan and elsewhere for an easy-breezy (no dishes!) Thanksgiving holiday with the family.

With all that free time, why not brave the crowds at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade or take a stroll along Fifth Avenue to check out the early holiday window displays

Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner in New Jersey

Thanksgiving dinner is a big undertaking. There’s the turkey, the stuffing and all that dessert! And let’s not forget about the massive after-dinner cleanup. It’s hard enough to be a mom, work and take care of the kids -- let alone get a complex and time-consuming holiday dinner on the table. Luckily, you don’t have to! Be thankful, because there are lots of restaurants open in NJ on Turkey Day. So, sit back and enjoy the party… don’t worry, they won’t make you do the dishes. Of course, if you’d rather be home, but don’t want the hassle of cooking, try out some of these Thanksgiving crafts with the family and order up some turkey takeout. And to always be "in the know" about great family-friendly activities in NJ, subscribe to our free weekly newsletter.

9 Family-Friendly Places to Watch Football with Long Island Kids

Sure as autumn leaves change color, baseball season quickly becomes football season on Long Island. Armchair quarterbacks eager to watch the big game with their kids have plenty of options across Nassau and Suffolk Counties, including play centers, family-friendly sports pubs and even the stadium itself. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites where you can watch all the action and still keep an eye on the kids.

And for more ways to have fun with the whole family, be sure to check out our Long Island Events Calendar.


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